Welcome to contribute code to the reco theme!


First, you need to fork a reco theme repositoryopen in new window, clone it locally, and make sure that pnpm is installed locally.

After the above preparations are completed, go to the project folder and execute the following commands:

# Install
pnpm install

# Compile
pnpm build

# Start
pnpm dev

At this time, the project has been started, and you can test your function in example. Make sure that your code has been tested in detail and passed the pnpm example:build command. After the function test, you must synchronize the documentation.

Git commit specification

To submit a commit, please use the pnpm commit command to submit code in strict accordance with the specifications, and the commit information must be in English.

Git PR specification

The PR title is simple and clear, the PR details should describe the content you submitted in detail, and stickers if necessary, and the PR information must be in English.