Welcome to vuepress-theme-reco@2.x, if you are using vuepress@1.x, please go to [vuepress-theme-reco@1.x](https://vuepress-theme-

Some functions of this theme refer to the default theme of vuepress@2.x, but it is no longer magically changed on the default theme like 1.x and 2.x. This is a new set of solutions, such as The style adopts the tailwindCSS scheme, and the page extension capability is realized through the plugin @vuepress-reco/vuepress-plugin-page.

And vuepress-theme-reco is no longer a pure theme, you have to realize this, this is very important. It is more like a theme assembly solution, which provides some out-of-the-box functions for developers to extend theme styles. The default style of vuepress-theme-reco is placed in @vuepress-reco/ In style-default, more styles will be introduced in the future.

At the same time, you must rely on this document to configure your project. You cannot compare it with the official default theme document, because only a small amount of configuration overlaps with the official default theme document.